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  • 3 convenient locations in Maryland – Pasadena, Annapolis and Elkridge
  • Licensed and certified CPA’s and Tax Preparation professionals
  • Free consulting for best tax strategies (Learn to manage money and pay less taxes)
  • Years of unfiled taxes, we can help (Don’t wait)
  • We fix your Tax problems
  • We fix bad tax returns from other Preparer’s
  • The IRS does not play, we protect our clients from problems

Why Choose Us?

Our CPA’s and Tax Preparers are trained certified professionals with many years’ of experience who quickly and correctly process your tax returns. The fastest refunds comes from returns that meet all the qualifications so the IRS and the State will process them with no further problems or questions. That is how we do Tax Returns.

Facing an IRS audit is hard and stressful especially when you do not know what to expect. When you trust us with your tax preparation, we will represent you before the IRS.
We understand the tax laws and the auditing process and this means we know what to do and say. You will not need to expose yourself to the scrutiny of a tax audit as we will stand on your behalf. We will represent your tax report and ensure that the process comes to an end in your favor.

We take pride in helping our clients save huge amounts of money and get the biggest returns. Some clients received a notice that they owe and outstanding balance and after our team of experts had a chance to review the file, our client got money back from the IRS!

When carrying out your tax preparation on your own, taking the chances of making errors are very high. With us, however, you have a guarantee of accurate tax preparation that will ensure that you do not overpay your taxes. We will seek ways to reduce the amount you will pay as tax and maximize your tax refund.

When our professional team takes up the responsibility of your tax preparation, you will have time to fulfill other obligations. You will concentrate on your career, family and other responsibilities as we take care of the tax preparation bit.

As part of our service we council you on how to manage your money in a way that will minimize your tax burden from year to year. As you interact with our CPA during the tax preparation process, you will receive professional insight. With decades of experience, we know how you can legally organize your finances to benefit you best and we will take pleasure in providing professional advice.

Call us today and trust our experienced CPA’s to handle your entire tax preparation!


Services You Will Get From Our Tax Preparation Firm

Personal Tax Preparation

When it comes time to file your personal income tax for the IRS and the State, things can get complicated. Our team of experienced Tax Preparer’s and  CPA’s have filed countless returns with wonderful results! With our professional expertise, we will work towards maximizing your return while tax planning for your future returns.

Our CPA experts are continually undergoing training and are up to date on the latest Tax Codes and Laws for the Federal Government and Your State and have an intimate knowledge of the best preparation procedures.  RWW also uses the latest technology when carrying out your tax preparation to better organize and safeguard the process.

Tax Preparation

The process of submitting your income tax returns will be easier if you choose the right tax preparation firm. Michael D. Walls CPA is among the most dependable firms who have received authorization to prepare income tax returns. Regardless of the complexity of tour tax returns, we are up to the task and will complete the process fast.

When you talk to us today, we will begin your tax preparation process on time. This means you will receive your tax refund on time as well. Any delay will be a drawback to the entire process as your refund will also take time. You will also need to prepare some documents that will facilitate the tax preparation process.

Here are some of the items you need to get ready:

  • Your Form W-2 if you are standard employed with a company.
  • Your Form SSA-1099 if you received your Social Security Benefits.
  • Several 1099 forms for issues such as debt cancellation, dividends, interest, and paid non-employee compensation.
  • Your Form 1095-A for the purchase of health coverage from the government marketplace.
  • Your 1098 forms to report things such as mortgage interest, student loan interest or tuition payments.

We may also require your charitable contributions records and your receipts if you will itemize your deductions.

Do not settle for any tax preparer, you deserve the best and this is RWW trained tax professionals and CPA’s. We will be swift and efficient in carrying out your Tax Preparation in one our 3 offices in Maryland – Pasadena, Annapolis and Elkridge.

Small Business Bookkeeping

When it comes to Bookkeeping for a small business, RWW will develop the best strategies for you to record and track your expenses and income in preparation for your current and all future tax years. More importantly we will setup the system for you and teach you everything you need and want to know. Our goal is to give you financial organization and the tools you need to understand and grow your business. We organize your bank and credit card statements and your books into a snapshot, and show you what expenses to track and how to get the most from your income.

We will help you understand the tax implications of your company and personal expenses and income as a business owner.  Payroll services (best practices w-2 or 1099), benefits plans and their tax implications, Life insurance and its tax implications, partnerships, LLC’s, S Corps, C Corps and much more when considering the best position for your business. Our tax planning experts have helped many many businesses save money and invest those funds into growing there company.

With us, your personal files are always safe and secure, we guarantee your privacy and sensitive information.

RWW Taxes and Bookkeeping Services is your Best choice for fast, easy, professional payroll, tax and bookkeeping services. We strive to offer personalized services to all our clients at affordable rates.
Looking at the success stories from our past customers, we are the right choice for you.

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